Cremation Diamonds: A Beautiful Way To Commemorate Departed Loved Ones


Losing your loved one is heartbreaking, whether they’re a lover, best friend, pet, relative or a partner. Scattering their ashes can be too much for a last closure, they might have spent numerous years together with you here on earth and you might feel you don’t want to forget them.

A great way that you can remember them eternally is through a memorial diamond which is made from their last remnants. Aside from being a remembrance of your loved ones, these diamonds can also become a family heirloom that you can keep forever. You can always read the feedback and testimonials of other people who have tried it when you have doubts to do this.

Cremation diamonds are made from the ashes of your departed pets or loved ones. But hair can also be used in this process. A small ash will all be needed in making a wonderful diamond, which could be mounted on a ring and can be used as a pendant as well. There are many diamonds of various sizes available that will suit your own budget and preferences.

If you decide to do this, you will be asked to choose the color, cut and carat of the diamond you want to have. The websites of companies that offer this service can give you a brochure or pictures of different kinds of diamonds that you might prefer. You can also choose to customize the it by etching a phrase or message in the band of the ring. You can check out the price by visiting their website. Paying for the diamond as featured in Anthill: cremation ashes to diamonds is the next step and you need to choose a trustworthy company since you will be giving out your payment details.

After that, you will be sent with a container in which you can put the ashes of your loved one. You will then send it back to the company since they will turn that ash into a diamond in their laboratory. The process can take about 6 to 9 months depending on your specified details. After the diamond is produced, it will be certified by their professional gemologists for its authenticity. Visit

It is important for you not to be fooled by numerous faux, fake diamonds, so choose a dependable company. These cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds are not cheap or synthetic imitation, but are real diamonds that are just made inside the laboratory. They have the exact similar characteristics of those mined diamonds. They are also cut as well as polished in precisely the same method as a regular diamond has been for many years. So if you like to have a keepsake of your departed loved ones, why not have a cremation diamond made for you?

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