Cremation Ashes Diamonds: A Guide


Cremation diamonds real diamonds featured in memorial diamond news that were created from the cremated ashes of beloved persons that we have lost. This can serve as a memorial of their unique life and because diamonds are forever, they become symbols of our unending love and remembrance, they can be as stored as an heirloom to be given to future generations.

Cremation diamonds at this website are the either bluish or whitish in color and they can be precisely cut according to the wants of the customer where it is also possible to etch out characters up to a maximum of fifty in number through laser. Cremation diamonds are made through an analysis of the human elements where after cremation, all of the non-carbon elements are dissolved to leave only the organic carbon and the amount of boron will be able to give out the color for a particular diamond. This organic diamond are then converted into granite and placed on a diamond press where a diamond crystal starter is present. Both the diamond and the graphite will be heated to extreme temperatures and pressure until the graphite crystallizes gaining the same molecular structure as the starter diamond.

The crystallization of the graphite can be controlled so that the exact carat of the diamond that the customer desires are met. Then the crystal will be placed on the press and a natural diamond will be cut, shaped and polished. If the customer desires to have some of the characters etched by laser, it will be sent out for engraving. There is a required amount of ash to be collected for a diamond to be made and the minimum ash amount is one pound.

The remaining amount of ash not used for the creation of the diamond must be returned to the loved ones of the person cremated. The whole process becomes a ritual because the remains of the deceased person must be carefully processed and dignified. If you want to have one or more diamonds from the ashes of your loved ones, you can very well request it as long as the requirements are met. Ashes from your loved ones who passed away several years ago can still be converted to diamonds because the age of the ashes are not significant or relevant to the process of synthesis. The diamond produced from the ashes of the deceased will contain the same characteristics as those dug underneath the earth.

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